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Together with you we ensure the growth of healthy and profitable crops. With pleasure we support you with an integrated approach to feed, strengthen and protect your crops. Our experts work together with customers and other parties within the sector on daily basis to successfully implement this approach.


Thanks to our unique knowledge we can act as a leading knowledge base for the agricultural sector in the Netherlands. With our approach to feed, strengthen and protect your crops we work together to ensure you get the best results. The agriculture sector is developing fast. We support you with sustainable and innovative solutions that address technical and social changes.

Fruit cultivation

We know that measures to protect your crops are of great importance in fruit cultivation. Our fruit specialists have years of experience in the fruit sector. They offer you the best and most current cultivation advice. We share your passion for the growth of crops.

Livestock farming

As a farmer your goal is to get a high production per acre and more milk from roughage won. As a growth specialist we know how to achieve this. We focus on several steps in the roughage process. Our advice and products for fertilization, crop protection, plant reinforcement and soil improvement contribute to ultimate crops.


As specialists in landscaping we ensure that your lawn, sports field or golf course remains healthy and beautiful. Now and in the future. We have a passion for everything that grows and flourishes and always act with respect for nature.

Flower bulbs growth

You want your flower bulbs to blossom into colourful flowers. For generations we have helped our customers to grow healthy and profitable crops. We can assist during the entire process by giving advice, fertilizers and crop protection. Even before the flower bulbs are planted. We know which soils are best for your flower bulbs. With the right approach your flower bulbs will be in top condition and ready for forcing.